Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Tom went to Australia.

This much we know.

However, Tom has not been seen since, feared to be long gone.

If you happen to be in the Sydney area and spot Tom, drop us a line. We're worried about Tom!


Monday, March 26, 2007

En Route

Tom has been partially handed off, and is hopefully on his way to Australia within the next week or so. With any luck, we'll have some great stories and pictures from Down Under.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Leaving the Cold and Heading to the Bahamas

It's been several months since Tom has taken a trip. Stuck in the cold New England weather, it was time to take a trip. But taking a trip wasn't all that easy.

Planes were delayed. Flight plans were diverted. Somehow we ended up traveling on a completely different airline than originally intended, and flew out of and into two cities that were not even on the itinerary. It resulted in all of us having to sleep in the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. But Tom made the best of it.

With a little imagination, he even pretended like he was already on vacation.

And eventually, he even got a little sleep.

But once he got to the Bahamas, it was time to indulge in the culture. And by culture, we mean the rum. (Hey, it's legal for him to drink.) So after four buckets of something called Voodoo Juice, Tom had enough rum in his system to call this a very successful trip!

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Blown Away by the Windy City

So this posting's a bit belated (ok, it's a month overdue), but it's time to tell the tale of Tom in the Windy City.

Tom took a mini-holiday with the two girls who originally found him on Memorial Day weekend. And even though it was a mini-break, Tom, being a Traveling Tile and all, still likes to travel in style. He flew first class. (Or so he likes to pretend.) And he stayed at the Drake Hotel. Because honestly, if you travel to Chicago, would you want to stay anywhere else?

Here's a photo of Tom just after check-in.

Well after a long flight, what does anyone want? A drink, to calm the nerves, relax a little. So Tom took a gander at the vast minibar that the Drake provides for its guests.

But let's be real. It was the Drake, for crying out loud! Take a gander at the minibar prices.

Tom was outraged (can't you tell by the look on his face?)...

...So he grabbed his ticket to the Cubs game, headed over to Wrigley Field, and bought a pint of Bud Light for a much more reasonable price! (And for some reason, Blogger won't let me upload the picture of Tom with his Cubs ticket -- will work on fixing this at a later point!)

Stay tuned for past/future tales in the coming months, including: Tom in Washington, D.C. (if we ever get the pictures developed), Tom at Reinckepalooza (you wish you were going just cause of the name, don't you?), Tom's trip to the Shire (not just for Roaming Gnomes anymore), Tom in the boonies of New Hampshire for a little R&R, Tom in Missouri with Donny and Marie (or so I've heard they're there), and Tom's trip to Ohio for a country-style wedding.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Hand-off

As you all must realize by now, it's been quite some time since Tom's been on an adventure. Too long! Something had to be done.

So with a little help from friends, there was a hand-off done at Easter dinner tonight, so that Tom can prepare to go on a new adventure.

Jerry is headed to Washington, D.C. in a little less than two weeks, and invited Tom to come along with him quite some time ago. So Tom started packing his bags and got ready for his travels, and he'll be spending a few weeks with Jerry on the many adventures that he has planned.

Tom was clearly getting ready for D.C. by getting in a very patriotic mood, don't you think?

Clearly, Jerry's grandmother didn't quite know what to make of TTT. She'd never seen anything like it before!

And Jerry couldn't help but jot down a new place...

(Rumor has it, Jerry might take Tom somewhere other than D.C. Somewhere that involves strip mines. And possibly even Cold Stone Creamery. I don't ask questions. It's almost safer that way. So we'll just have to wait until we get pictures!)